Wednesday 1st July 2020


A message from Archbishop Justin Welby on churches reopening for public worship

"It’s wonderful that we will soon be able to gather again for worship in our churches. This is an important moment and I wanted to share some thoughts:  Over the coming weeks I’ll be praying for clergy and congregations, especially those who for whom returning to church will not be straightforward, and for all those who we are called to love and serve. During lockdown we’ve found new ways to walk together with Jesus and love our neighbours. As we give thanks to God that we will soon be able to gather again in churches, let’s reflect deeply on what God has taught us over these months. As we prepare to gather together again, we do so knowing that many will be returning bearing new burdens of grief and anxiety. Others will be filled with hope and excitement.  But we do not gather just by ourselves. We are gathered in the embrace of God who holds our griefs, fears and hopes, and who walks with us into this new and uncertain future, lighting our path along the way.  So please pray, not just for our return to our beloved buildings - with all the safety precautions that we must get right - but also for our return to each other. As we meet again, pray that we do so in the knowledge that God is calling us anew to be communities that truly care for one another, support those in need, work for justice and the common good, and boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus.  And if you have been exploring faith with us online during lockdown, you will be so welcome to join us in church over the coming months if that’s right for you.".


Development Appeal

Thanks to our supporters, benefactors and helpers, the church has acquired, among many new features, an assembly room and a magnificent historic organ, on which visiting international organists have performed. Our work continues. Our thanks go to all those whose support and generosity have enabled our church to flourish. On their behalf we would like to invite you all to visit Eye and its magnificent church… and to stay awhile to sample its worship, music and its welcome.